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Hello, I made it… (or rather, we make it) .

There’s 3 of us, a mini artist group within a group, I suppose. There’s Jenni (aka Jenni4 (Instagram) and Jenni_3 (Twitter), there’s John and there’s me¬†Leanne (@Castashadow on both Twitter and Instagram).

We are very different, John is a painter and printmaker-who ocassionally dabbles in other, mainly historical practices, with his own unique take on them.

Jenni, a photographer, printmaker and crafty sort, with an obession for the dark side of life, Tim Burton, cats and the local landscape.

And me, well, I’m the most mixed up of them all. I flit between paper cutting, book¬† binding, and creating custom toys and collage (I REALLY love collage). I have an ever abiding obsession with paper of all varities, music and birds (the animals).

Based in the old Cleveland Crafts Centre, Middlesbrough we make art because we like to and that’s it. John and Jenni have work in TS1 and John reguarly exhibits throughout the North East and Yorkshire.

When we aren’t playing Pop Master, staring into space or eating pasties, we sometimes make art. Sometimes.

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